The ReddyPort elbow valve provides simple yet crucial oral access through the non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIV) mask, while maintaining pressure. This technology allows nurses to perform frequent oral care (standard practice) on patients without removing the mask or interrupting NIV treatment. This preventative cleansing of the oral bacteria is routinely ignored or neglected because nurses generally don't feel comfortable removing the NIV mask. ReddyPort also creates a platform for additional products that require oral access, such as nebulizers, microphones, and CO2 monitors

The award winning PenBlade® scalpel offers a new safety standard. Surgeons have rejected market leading "safety" scalpels due to poor design (not user friendly, cumbersome, poor balance, and inferior feel). Current "safety" scalpels have failed to reduce scalpel injuries despite decades of use outside of the operating room (OR), with current use at bedside, in procedure trays and clinics. With large hospital system conversions, surgeon adoption, and established OEM (procedure packs) customers worldwide, PenBlade® is on track to becoming the #1 Safety Scalpel in the world.

The U-Tube Catheter Control Technology (U-Tube) standardizes and controls a typical bend in central (CVC) and peripherally (PICC) placed multi-lumen catheters. U-Tube directs ports away from a patient's face, neck, and hair and by so doing , improves patient comfort and facilitates adherence to the CVC dressing. By standardizing the bend typical of internal jugular (IJ) CVC's, U-Tube also decreases the occurrence of kinking and accidental removal of the catheter, which may result in life-threatening emergencies for ICU patients. U-Tube is the only direction reversing technology on the market.

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